We offer a monthly collection of bows & ties for the discerning groomer!

One of the hallmarks of a great groom for pet parents is the cute bows and bow ties that their fur baby comes home in.  One of the most frustrating thing for groomers is keeping up a great stock of affordable accessories that keep their dogs looking stylish and fancy.  There are so many great vendors out there selling fabulous, hand made accessories that pet parents will LOVE.... but who has time to spend searching through Facebook for them and trying them out?  Well....what if we did it for you? You'll get bows, bow ties, ties, collar bows, bandanas and more.  NO EAR BOWS, EVER!  Watch the video below to hear what we're all about then click here to sign up!

What to expect...

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The fine print!

Fozzie Bros. is a monthly subscription service developed by Foxy Roxy's Supply Co. that will bring a collection of super awesome bows, bow ties, ties, collar bows, bandanas, and more straight to you and ready to put on your dogs.  We've got a couple of amazing companies supplying a monthly variety of products, PLUS each month we will also feature a few new vendors for you to try out. None of our collections will include ear bows (we figure everyone knows how to get those or make 'em), we will focus on everything else we can find out there. For $45/month you will receive 40+ items with free shipping.  Now, you might be thinking "hey, this is a subscription box, shouldn't the value be like $582 or something crazy like that?".  Wellllll, yeah, maybe in the traditional sense of the subscription box, but we are mixing it up a bit.  Our box is geared toward helping groomers keep a constant stream of accessories on hand in a great variety, and also get a bit of a discount while they're at it!  Most of the items in our boxes would wholesale to groomers for $1.50-$3.00 each so you are definitely getting a great deal.  Because of our subscription service and the volume in which we order, we are able to find premium products from great vendors at special pricing and pass that on to you guys... along with the great customer service you're used to getting from us at Foxy Roxy's Supply Co. & Scissor of the Month Club.   Click here to get started!

Our collections will ship at the end of each month.  If you sign up before the 25th, your card will be charged $45 for your first collection which will ship that month and then again on the 5th for the next month's collection.  If you sign up after the 25th, your first collection will ship at the end of the following month. Customers in Canada will incur a $10 shipping charge and customers outside the US or Canada will incur a $16 shipping charge.

In order to keep our subscription affordable and always on time, we cannot offer any substitutions or customizations.